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Custom Psychedelic Playlist Curation

Are you preparing for psychedelic experience, and don’t know what music to use to best support your intentions? Music is such a powerful part of the psychedelic experience. The right playlist can really transform your experience whereas the “wrong” playlist can really derail an experience. 

I have been a Professional DJ for nearly 20 years, so I know all-too-well the pressure of creating “the perfect playlist”! I am also a Licensed Sound Therapist, so I am intimately familiar with the energetic power of sound & music.

My playlists are centered around intention. What is your intention for this journey and how can music SUPPORT that intention? I have an intimate relationship with music and have dedicated my life to working with music. When I listen to a song, I truly FEEL the song and all of the emotion and intention that piece of music holds. I know how to build a playlist that supports psychedelic work, and when you combine that with your intention, that’s where the musical magic happens! 

How does it work? We will have an initial 30-minute Discovery Call (via Zoom) where you will talk to me about your planned experience, and your intentions. We can also talk about what styles of music you typically like and don’t like. We can also cover music logistics such as the right equipment, headphones versus a speaker, etc…

What will you get? A 30-minute discovery call + your own personal private playlist curated by me (Playlist will be created in Spotify in private mode, but track list can also be provided and can be replicated in Apple Music and potentially other streaming music services)

Playlist length & cost (includes Discovery call): 

  • 1-3 Hours $150 (Ideal for Ketamine and other shorter-acting medicines)

  • 4-5 Hours $200 (Ideal for Psilocybin and MDMA)

  • 6-8 Hours $250 (Ideal for LSD) 

  • 9-10 Hours $300 (Ideal for Mescaline + other longer-acting medicines)

  • >10 Hours (What are you taking?!) $Let’s Talk


What if there is a song I don’t like on the playlist? It’s virtually impossible for anyone to create a playlist in which every person likes every single song on the playlist. Sometimes hearing a song that you don’t like during a journey can be a great way to open up your experience. Perhaps a song you “don’t like” is exactly what you need at that moment? Trust your inner healing intelligence! Examine your resistance to the song - is there something that you can look deeper into surrounding that resistance? Know that the discomfort is temporary. While I encourage you to sit with your dislike, know that you always have the power of the ‘skip’ button. ;) 

Should I plan to have a playlist that runs the entire length of my planned journey? That is up to you! I personally recommend having a little bit of quiet time in the very beginning and toward the end of a journey. We can cover the logistics of this during your Discovery call! 

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