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Sound Bath Meditation @ Conway Counseling & Wellness

**UPDATE as of 7/29 3:30pm: There is only ONE (1) spot remaining for this event!** 

Friday, July 30th 2021 7:00-8:30pm 

Conway Counseling & Wellness

855 S. German Ln #1

Conway, AR 72034

COST: $25 per person

Join Allison Soeung at Conway Counseling & Wellness for a relaxing and rejuvenating Sound Bath Meditation on Friday, July 30th, 2021.

Allison is a Licensed Sound Therapist based out of Northwest Arkansas.

A Sound Bath is a relaxation modality and meditation experience whereby participants "bathe" in the sound waves produced by sound therapy instruments such as crystal singing bowls, drums, gongs, and chimes. The instruments are tuned to specific frequencies that are designed to guide participants into a deep state of meditation which facilitates a deeply restorative process for the body and mind. Participants often report feeling deeply relaxed with a noticeable reduction in anxiety that can last for days following the event. 

This is a non-movement practice so it requires no prior experience in movement or meditation, just an open heart and mind! Participants simply lie down on the floor for the duration of the meditation. 

*Register ASAP as space is limited!*

How to Register?

  • PayPal $25 using the "Friends & Family" option to Allison using e-mail with a note indicating this is for the Conway sound bath event


  • Venmo $25 with a note that this is for the Conway sound bath event to @allison-soeung (screenshot of Venmo code included at the bottom of this page)

What to bring?

  • A Yoga Mat and/or padding to lie down comfortably on the floor for just over an hour (a foam camping pad works well)

  • A blanket and pillow

  • Eye mask (if you have one though it's not necessary)

Questions or need to reach out to me?

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