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Allison Soeung

Northwest Arkansas-based Sound Therapist, DJ, Astrologer, and Psychedelic Advocate


Work with me

Custom Psychedelic Playlist Curation

Curated playlists

I utilize my 20+ years of experience as a professional DJ to build you a custom playlist to support your journey with your intentions.

Psychedelic Prep/Integration Readings

This is not your average prep/integration coaching. We will use the wisdom of Astrology + Tarot to explore what's going on in your chart right now that will have an impact on your work with psychedelics. This is an Astrology reading + prep/integration coaching!

Psychedelic Prep & Integration readings using Astrology and Tarot

Social Links & Resources

Follow me on Instagram and Spotify!

Instagram - Sun of Life Sound

Sound & Music

Spotify - My Profile

Free Ketamine Therapy playlists! (All KAP playlists start with "KAP Session"

Instagram - The Psychedelic Astrologer

Psychedelics + Astrology!

Contact Me

Reach out to me to connect.

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