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Psychedelic Prep/Integration READINGS (Astrology + Tarot + Practical Advice = MAGIC)

The magic of Astrology + Tarot combined with practical psychedelic preparation and integration coaching

Are you preparing for a psychedelic experience and want to know what the stars have to say about it? Do you need support in setting an intention? Have you already worked with psychedelics and need help integrating the experience? Are you at a crossroads or are you experiencing a difficult time right now? Are you curious in bringing in more magic to your psychedelic experiences through spiritual tools such as Astrology & Tarot? 

What I offer: 

Psychedelic Preparation & Integration Readings

  • This is not your average “coaching” session - I use all of my practical knowledge and experience with psychedelics and combine that with my spiritual toolkit including Astrology, Tarot, and Oracle cards. 

  • In addition to covering basic logistics of preparation (set, setting, music, diet, support, etc...) we will also dive into your Astrology chart & major transits you’re experiencing right now that will likely have a huge impact on your journey (What do the stars have to say about your work right now?).

  • Additionally, we will consult the Tarot and some of my favorite Oracle decks to further guide us in preparing for and integrating your psychedelic experience. 

Your current Astrology chart will massively impact your experience, intentions, and the energy of any psychedelic work you choose to delve into. Going through a psychedelic journey when you’re experiencing a significant Jupiter transit in your life would be MASSIVELY DIFFERENT than a psychedelic journey during a major Pluto transit. As an Astrologer and a Psychonaut, I am here to help you navigate that! Astrology can inform us where your work lies at this point in your life and shed light on any experiences you may be going through. What is the Astrological energy of your chart supporting right now? Where can you make the most impactful shifts that are supported by the stars? When you work WITH the energy of your chart rather than against it, you’ll be able to create greater positive shifts in your life.  

What are my credentials/experience? 

  • Certified through the SoundMind Institute’s Intro to psychedelic Therapies for Clinicians and Facilitators program

  • Intro to Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Training through Holos Counseling

  • Licensed Sound Therapist licensed through the Vibrational Sound Association

  • Professional DJ with nearly 20 years of experience (I have music & playlist recommendations for DAYS!)

  • Extensive self-study of Astrology for over 5 years + Completion of Astro Butterfly’s Astrology Level 1 Cert.

Cost: $222

What do you get? 

  • A 60-75 minute session over Zoom (which can be recorded if you’d like to refer back to them) to discuss either preparation for an upcoming journey or integration after a journey

  • An Astrology reading of your chart relevant to what’s happening in your life right now and how to apply to your work with psychedelics. (Note: This is not a natal/birth chart reading, though some of that might come up during session depending on your chart)

  • A Tarot reading relevant to your psychedelic work. What do the cards have to offer for support?

The “fine print”:

  • I AM NOT a licensed mental health professional and I do not provide mental health and/or counseling services.

  • I DO NOT advise or recommend specific psychedelic substances (I can talk about general expected experiences with different substances, but I will not advise you on which substance is right for you) Know that most psychedelic medicines are illegal in many parts of the world and I do not condone or encourage the use of illegal substances - you are working with these substances at your own risk.

  • I DO NOT advise on dosage recommendations

  • I DO NOT advise where to find illegal substances, please do not even ask

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